The Next Big Thing

I’m currently working on a side project. Finally. After 2 years at Disney I have finally gotten back into doing what I love for myself. It’s not that I couldn’t have done this before but with the hectic schedule, travel, kids, new house, and just plain old life it’s been hard to dedicate any time to anything much more than vegging once I got home from work. The next big thing here is that I am hoping to launch this SAS and its corresponding website soon. Alpha release. Nothing spectacular. Just get it going and update as feedback and use rolls in.

Around the house we’ve done some work – we built a fence around the back yard. We built a rock wall on the North side of the house to shore up the gravel walkway. The next big thing is that we’ve gotten estimates for solar panels and an air conditioner. I love the idea of use depending more on limitless power sources. We’re working out some details around installation on the solar idea. As for air conditioning, well, this summer was a tough deal. We live in a newer home but even with the supposedly up-to-date insulation and all it still gets quite warm inside. It’d be wonderful to get a chance to sleep comfortably at night during the summer! However, now that we’re leaving the hottest time of the year it’s not urgent.

But I think the biggest next big thing for me is the fact that I’ve accepted a Director, Technology position at another company. It’s a wonderful opportunity and I have a huge amount of excitement going into this new role. Essentially, the company is looking to build out their mobile teams in a city known for its mobile and technical talent pool. I am very happy to be able to be onboard with a company that is pivoting its mobile strategy. There are a lot of smart folks that I had a chance to meet and I am certain with the team we’re putting together we can make things happen.


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