Living in Edgewood

Living in Edgewood has been actually quite uneventful. For that I am thankful. The town has changed a bit since 1997 or so when I moved away. A wider main drag. More homes built on the fields that littered the area. Heck, all around it’s become busier. For now the ordinances prevent colonies (hundreds of cheaply manufactured home built within a couple yards of each other) and apartments which keeps density down.

As a home owner I voted against more taxes on all fronts. I wonder if towns eventually allow apartments to change the voting dynamics. Folks that do not own will likely be more accommodating to things like mismanaged school and fire districts looking to increase their revenues.

My parents live close by but not too close. They have chickens and we are grateful to get a couple dozen a week for our groceries. Living hear has other cool benefits. Everything is closer for us. There’s a Fred Meyer down the hill. A Safeway and Albertson’s down the street. My old high school friends can come visit and I can run into them at various locations around town. The commute still proves to be shorter than when living in Kitsap.

We’ve been slowly and surely working to keep the house kept up. The front yard isn’t too hard: it was done when we bought the house. The back yard needs some work. We had to rent an industrial sized mower to knock down the giant brush. And the yard isn’t smooth. There’s slight ruts and bumps all over. I think most of the green growing in that part of the yard is weeds!

Inside we’ve gotten all our boxes unpacked. There’s a couple in the office closet that contain compact discs. Ha! What to do with so many? The garage has a few donation items. An old bike. A gas grill. I replaced the crappy particle board shelves on my rack with nice ¾? sheets of hardwood plywood. With that I put away most of the random stuff in my garage.

I just got through a 8 or so week set of illness. It started with a  mild fever and congestion, cough, then a serious cough and congestion. During my trip to Walt Disney World last week it culminated in a fever and then boom, gone. Very strange. Henry is now coughing. Harrison just got done. It’s been month or so of illness at the Hradek household. I have been changing the home filter and even spending the extra $2 to get the highest level of HVAC filtration possible to reduce the microbes floating through the air.

Another cool benefit is that we live in an area whee there’s milk delivery. Organic vegetable boxes. All straight to our door. We’ve been making great use of our nice new kitchen. The fun part of having a home, finally, is that we can keep and make things as we want. Right now there’s some basics we need to get through like fences and backyards but eventually we’d like to things like have a root cellar, an outdoor over, a wood stove, and so on. Time and patience. In the mean time, however, it’s important to enjoy life as it is. It’s hard to do sometimes with how busy we are. The kids, Cub Scouts, gymnastics, home schooling, work; on and on.

It was sunny and warm up until mid October. Now it’s freezing out some nights. I wonder if we’ll get snow. It’d be nice to have a few weeks of a bit of snow. A change in scenery. After spending a week in Orlando coming home to darkness at 4pm and the need to dress warm is depressing.

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