Crystal and I finally did it! We have purchased a home and moved to it. The whole process took almost two months from an offer to getting moved out of the old place. The kids have gone feral. My sanity took a dive. And we’ve all probably gained 10 pounds of fast food bloat.

As I’ve mentioned before we have been looking at buying a house for some time. Between repairing our credit, saving money, and finding something that would work for us it’s taken a couple years. We looked at a lot of houses between Poulsbo, Kingston, and Bainbridge Island; Puyallup, North Bend, and Edmonds. West Seattle? Too small. Bellevue? Too expensive. Puyallup? On a flood plain. Enumclaw? Lahar path. On and on. Although I feel a little guilty for moving the whole family to my second home town I feel good about it. Edgewood is quite a nice town. Partly rural it’s in the middle of everything but out of the way.

I’ve ridden the ferry for quite some time from Kitsap County and last I rode I was clocking in at around 80 to 90 minutes each way. My commute is now 35-50 minutes in and 40-55 minutes home. Around half the commute!

The house is very nice. The kids get their own rooms. I get an office. Crystal gets a craft area. We have room for a school room. We have a guest room. Space for the fish tank. Plenty of space in the dining area for guests. A nice set of bathrooms. A swanky laundry. All that and a nice sized yard. The garage has enough room for all the usual garage type things.

We have quite a bit of work to do. We started with a washer and dryer. Next up is a fence. After that a fridge (we’re using the beer fridge and freezer for now). Then the backyard. There’s a few years of fun ready for us!

Moving out of the old house was a headache. It feels good to finally be out of the lease and out of the “cave” – the shadow thrown by a plethora of foliage and trees surrounding the house. The landlord was nice and let us out of our lease but required us to do a lot of work to get it ready so we had a chance of getting our deposit back. I have moved the Mercedes to the church while I figure out how to move it to the new house. It doesn’t run all that great. It actually needs a new master cylinder. Also, it now shakes at higher speed.

But before cleaning and moving a 5 person household 9 days before the end of the month, which in itself was a feat, we also had over a month of conflicting news from our lender. For the first time in our lives we had lender competing for our loan. We decided to go with the builder’s preferred lender which probably helped us in the end. The lender was then going through a merger with another bank which caused delay. It was very stressful!

We’re looking forward to a summer of BBQs and visiting our friends and family. It’s good to be back!

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