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As I write this I am 30,000 feet somewhere over SouthEastern United State having just left Orlando on a flight back to Seattle. This is fourth such trip I’ve made since joining Disney. I have also made a three or so trips over to Glendale and Anaheim. I actually enjoy doing business travel once a month or so. It breaks up the work and allows me to see new places. And the reason for the travel? It’s a huge company and some of my teams are in Seattle, some in Orlando, and our parks’ corporate offices are in Glendale while some conferences occur in Anaheim.

And although I can’t go into much detail about what all I’m working on I am definitely getting to work on some really exciting stuff centered around native mobile applications which run on iOS and Android devices. The project I’m working on now is for Disney’s Cruise Lines but I’ve been working closely with those working on other exciting things. I’ve been really happy so far. I get to be part of some awesome brand recognition. It’s a very large company and so it comes with it’s own set of challenges and as someone that’s been at the company for less than a year I feel like I’ve barely gotten acquainted with all that there is to know!

Right now we’re all living out of boxes as we’re waiting for our house purchase to close. We’ve placed an offer on a home in Edgewood. It’s not quite the picturesque Poulsbo that we’ve come to love but it’s closer to work than the 90 or so minutes I’ve been doing for years now. And getting to finally unpack and finally settle down in a home is something Crystal and I are very excited about. The stress of the process and stuff has really taken its toll on us. I think the biggest challenge for me is since joining my new job I’ve let myself go eating way more than I need to be falling into some of my old habits. It’s definitely mind over matter but I struggle with weight just like a lot of people. Probably the biggest detractor from my health has been the decline in my exercise. I think the time is the biggest factor. Folks say we need to make time. To stop making excuses. I’m not sure where I’m at.

If this whole house thing works out then I think I’ll be able to take a load off. In the mean time the kids are doing great. Harrison likes to disobey – he sure is headstrong. I once heard him tell his elder sister after she hit Henry during a spat over a game controller “Say it was an accident”. Sneaky little guy! We’ve gotta keep our eyes out.

As far as what I’m up to other than my livelihood? Listening to a bit of music. Don’t actually have much time for movies or much gaming. When I do game it’s something casual like World of Tank or Counter-Strike: GO. Something I can pop in and play for half an hour and leave.  Which brings me to my next game Dwarf Fortress. It’s all ASCII but surprisingly addictive. What’s beautiful is that it isn’t graphically intensive so it is great to run on my laptop on commutes or whatever. Heck, after I am done here I am going to play. It actually reminds me a lot of D&D because it requires the player to use quite a bit of imagination. And rather than spending time on the visuals the developer (who actually lives a few miles from where I live) most of the work is done with simulation and models around the items in the game.

We recently took the kids to go see the Ballard Locks and it was a fun trip. I think now that we’re going to be closer to things we’re going to get a chance to see a lot more things. I can’t wait to get the kids exposed to some cool things. I really hope the house thing works out. I liked living in Kitsap but there is definitely a lack of things to do around here. And after spending some time in Florida I am quite intrigued by the idea of moving there or somewhere similar someday. I didn’t realize how much I love warm weather.

I think my dream would be to do some sort of expat work. If a position ever opens up somewhere overseas I would have a hard time saying no especially if it’s Europe or Asia. Working where I’m at and what I’m doing I think I am definitely working my way into to that. We’ll see.

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