House Hunting?

For those that know us our little family has had a certain amount of wanderlust moving every couple years and trying to find a place to settle in. Job situations change, careers take off, commuting adjustments, learning locales – I suppose it takes a certain amount of experience to make this sort of decision.

I feel conflicted about living on the West side of the Puget Sound. It is a little more rural and the ferry rides eliminate some of the urban sprawl that is typical on the other side. Nature and things to do are equally accessible but tend to be trafficked less. And while I do not mind being around people there seems to be a level of intensity living around Seattle or Tacoma that one would have to put up with which I am not thrilled about.

There isn’t much in terms of outings, social activities, culture, food, and shopping on the Peninsula. I recently read a Yelp review of a Chinese restaurant which rated the place as mediocre and the comment attached to it summarized the experience as “Good enough for Kitsap”. I feel compelled to overlook these shortcomings. We can live out our aspirations in raising chickens and having a larger plot of land relative to the distance from downtown. For some of these shortcomings we can make an effort to learn more about what is available. For example, there may be a lack of notable museums and trendy night clubs but there are celebrations and outdoor events we can attend.

As these thoughts swirl my mind I think of our current home. We moved here 2 years ago this September. And although our landlord is nice and he has offerred to sell us the house we are not so sure this is the place. The location is okay but the property is dark in the midst of the tree canopy and oddly shaped having a driveway that consumes a good portion of its use. The landlord lives next door and should he become the mortgage holder we would be still be left with a feeling of having to watch ourselves. Sure, once he sells the house it would technically be ours – or would it?

Houses are expensive. Some say to rent. Some say to buy. More land, higher cost. Smaller house, less sanity. Crystal and I have been discussing these things for a while. For some it seems like living in the same place for a decade signifies stability. While it may it can also be boring.

It’d be nice to stay somewhere for a while. Stop moving. Finally unpack and get rid of things or organize. At the same time I kind of want to purge us of “stuff” and move to somewhere a live a life of exploration. A co-worker of mine moved to Equador and lives on a boat working on Android remotely. Or work my connections in Prague and move there. Or move to the South and live in somewhere random like Alabama. Or move somewhere interesting like Argentina.

My folks are another factor that play into my thoughts. They’re aging and I would like to stay around and help them out. Perhaps even have them move in with us. I like the idea of taking care of them. I suppose having some family members around is nice. Sometimes, though, it sure is nice to put some distance in between myself and the in-laws!

The kids are growing. We’re homeschooling. We’re working. We’re busy. I don’t know what the best thing to do is. I don’t even know if I hope we decide something soon. In one way I kind of like having my options open.


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