Introducing Atlas

After a few bad starts we’ve finally decided to go ahead with a dog. Above is our new friend Atlas. It sounded like a traditional name that suited the names of the kids, sounded masculine, is bad ass because the name’s origin depicts someone holding a globe, and we had just seen Atlas Shrugged.

With previous dogs we tried but had failed at making sure we were good owners. Like children, it takes more than simply feeding them. Keeping them occupied, clean, well mannered, polite, and trained were things that we simply, as two working adults, couldn’t find time to do. Additionally, I see many dogs whom are poorly trained around me doing things that should not be allowed.

Atlas is a basenji. What attracted me to the breed is that it doesn’t bark. It is extremely clean (and self grooming). Lacks the usual dog stench. It was a good compromise for everyone. I know my dear wife would love a powerful rescue dog and I sympathize with her desires. Atlas will grow to be about 20-25 pounds – on the lower end of medium sized dogs.

We look forward to spending some fun days with our new companion!

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