Destruction Machine

My youngest is destructive. I once said that the Death Star’s planet destroying beam was composed of the will of a thousand toddlers. I continue to hold that view. For humors sake and for the sake of venting some of my frustrations I have decided to start cataloging the various things he and the other children have broken.

  • 46″ LCD television set - irreparable screen damage
  • XBOX 360
  • 2 PS3s – both of which no longer play discs due to multiple disc insertions
  • Wii – no longer plays discs due to multiple disc insertions
  • Television stand doors broken off
  • Drawings on car using rocks
  • Scratching paint on car while jumping on hood
  • Tweeters pushed in on several speakers
  • Chest of drawers paint scratched
  • Toilet with foreign object preventing normal operation
  • Car rear view mirror ripped from window
  • Book case doors bent
  • Countless movie and music discs scratched beyond usable condition
  • Laptop keyboard keys removed (2 laptops)
  • Laptop dropped – hing beyond repair
  • Potted plants dumped
  • Antique Ball glass jar
  • Rolltop desk drawer
  • On and on :)

I am thrilled that my kids want to explore and learn about how things work. I’m laughing now but at times I certainly do have my patience tested!

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