Moved… Again

As one aspect of my life settles down like certainty around my employment situation another goes through change. For those that don’t know, we have moved from our nice home in Kingston seven miles to our new place in Poulsbo. We’ve signed a two year lease with an option to extend to three. The good parts are that it has shaved off 30 minutes off the commute saving me about five hours a week. The utilities will be cheaper because the home is a little smaller and more efficient. The home is more central to North Kitsap so shopping and getting around will be easier. On the down side the water pressure is pretty lame, there is less space, no massive pantry, and less two garage stalls.

I finally have a small work area complete with shop light and work bench. We were able to park the Mercedes and van in the garage. Hopefully, once we get rid of some storage items such as the washer/dryer, a table and chairs, and Harrison’s old crib I can arrange a little more to make moving around the cars a little easier. I can’t start on it yet but I am hoping I can start working on the car this year.

The kids were definitely stressed by the move. We all were. Harrison slept less and acted out more. The kids grew rebellious. Crystal and I were sore from moving. We couldn’t have done it without the help we got. Thanks to those that did. But before I forget, even the chickens were stressed. They virtually stopped laying! We’re getting things put together so they’ll start up again by getting them situated.


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