The Grill Comes Out

A few weeks ago I moved the little gas grill we have out onto the back patio. After quickly cleaning it off and attaching one of the partially filled propane canisters to it, I was ready for the first grill of the season. Or was I? No comrades, I was not. After firing up this contraption and “grilling” a steak I find that the heat never achieved a sufficient temperature. Perhaps fine for hotdogs, this grill just will not do.

Today Washingtonians all around us threw off their shorts and headed to the beach, the farmers’ markets, and yard sale in force as did we. We hopped into the man van and drove to the Kingston Farmer’s Market where we had a chance to walk about sampling a few local and some not so local fruits of folks’ labors. This weekend’s showing was twice what it was last week – I tip my virtual hat to the weather. Unfortunately, a farmer I met last weekend did not show. He had promised me some fat back this weekend. Ach so, perhaps next weekend? One cannot cook pastries and sauté without proper lard! We did score a loaf of French peasant bread and some fudge.

On our way home we stopped at a couple yard sales. It is understandable yet a wee bit silly some folks feel their stuff is worth as much as they think it is. I think all we ended up finding, after traversing mounds of unwanted, ahem, junk, was an old school set of bolt extractor pliers for $7. I can proudly announce that I haggled the man down to $5.

The sun was delightful in showering our day with its nourishing rays. We arrived home and quickly set up the kid pool and starting filling it with water while I found and started the old Weber charcoal grill. This time I was going to live up to my title of grill sergeant. Crystal and I moved the table from the dining nook onto the patio and downed a few beers while the kids played in the pool. The steaks were thick but turned out perfectly medium-rare seasoned with a  gentle coating of Montreal style seasoning. To compliment this beefy portion we sunk our teeth into corn, raw veggies, and grilled bok choy. Just… wow. As a finale we had homemade ice cream with grilled peaches.

So yeah, grilling season has been kicked off and properly initiated with my old, trusty semi-spherical friend. I’m glad I’ve held onto that thing all these years.

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