Sadie Gets Moved

Recently I decided it was time to move that old project car from my parents’ garage to my garage. They were in Peru for the month so I figured it’d be great to finally get it of there. I really feel bad it has taken me a few years to move it after promising to move it in a year. But that is how things go sometimes. Have a few kids, change jobs, move… can we really even complain about the unexpected? My father has been on my case for it. I cannot blame him for it’s his garage but getting him off my case about it is fantastic.

The move took a better part of a day and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Nate’s help for he has a truck with a hitch a sturdy ratchet. Since then I’ve already had a chance to go and pull off the old wires, cap, rotor, points, and condenser. I have a few ideas on what needs to get replaced before getting the thing to run. I’ve been searching local clubs and forums relevant to the vehicle to see if anyone has hints or pointers to getting it fixed. Right now I am fairly sure it is an electrical problem. The last time I worked on it I could not get the ignition system to generate a spark.

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