Stand Corrected

I have eaten my words with my earlier post regarding the boringness of MMOs. I think that instead I should have named it “Current MMOs are Boring”. The shenanigans of having to change my opinion and admit it are abound. I am glad to revise my opinion because I stand corrected. The current formulaic experience in MMOs is just that; formulaic. It isn’t that I haven’t had a good MMO experience lately. Heck, Age of Conan is fantastic. However, it eventually falls into that expected experience once you have experienced enough of its beautiful visuals and awesome combat.

Rift, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air. It resembles World of Warcraft – I will admit to this. But the public events, the impact it has on quests, the awesome skill tree and combinations, and the lack of Blizzard’s art style makes it wonderful. So much so that I highly recommend the game to anyone looking for an up-to-date MMO experience. If you haven’t been playing MMOs often there are a few free alternatives that are pretty good too but Rift is definitely worth a try.

The Commute

I am not going to rant here about the difficulty of commuting the distance I do. But I wanted to mention how crucial it is to get comfortable. It starts with the shoes and clothes. The coats. Preparation for rain and so on. Recently I have hurt my back playing with the kids and I realize how important a decent backpack is. I am now on an endeavor to find a comfortable one which will hold the things I need to carry to and from work.

The current bag is a free bag with an ArenaNet logo on it which I got while working there. It’s fine for a Macbook and a couple little things like cords and light stationary but packing a lunch bulks the bag putting pressure on my lower back. All in good time, I will find a new one.

I like getting up early and getting things done. This week I’ve had a hard time getting out of bed probably because I don’t get to bed early enough. I am adjusting but the work-life balance has and is a challenge for sure. I wake at six and arrive home at seven. It takes a lot out of me and by the time I get home I feel worthless.


Writing software is awesome. I love it. It challenges me and keeps my mind sharp. I suppose I wouldn’t be doing this for a living if that weren’t the case. My efforts here have been to write Android apps and contribute to a core library. I am hoping to contribute more over time.

Our company was mentioned in a recent article of Fast Company which is exciting. Really, the entire experience here has been exiting. I was involved in a start-up in its infancy as well so I definitely get to see where something like that can go once it gathers a lot of momentum. It is a great opportunity to see a group of well motivated and intelligent people drive and contribute to take this company somewhere. It is difficult to start a business especially if you need income to keep yourself and family alive so my hat goes off to those that can afford to do it without stability but for the rest of us the advice to keep your day job is valid. Those that can quit have good savings or a ready profit stream.

These are just my observations. I am no start-up guru. I am looking forward to the future when I will attempt to start another company. This time, however, it will be with a wee bit more experience.

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