I like popcorn. A lot. So much so that I have been known to stop at movie theaters with the express purpose of getting a container of buttered, salty sex-in-the-mouth goodness. It is a travesty that popping my own has always been disappointing. What are our options? Pan popping? Microwaving? Air popping? With the latter most being absolutely atrocious I could not let myself just give in. Microwave popcorn is covered in hydrogenated oil which tastes gross (Yes, I can taste it in my food). Pan popping is nasty. It all falls far short of theater popcorn.

So recently I finally ponied up and got an 4 oz. kettle popcorn machine, a small version of the 12-14 oz. versions you see at movie theaters. And finally, I feel as though I can enjoy these tasty snack in the comfort of my home. This is authentic all the way. Coconut oil. Fresh kernels. Fine popcorn salt. The smells are wonderful and the taste even better.

I may be a bit silly being this excited about food but I always am. I’d like to get into making our own cheese, smoking our own meat, and a plethora of other fun, interesting, and beneficial food making activities. Next time you’re over I’d be happy to shares. After all, something this good I can’t keep to myself!

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One Response to Popcorn

  1. Crystal says:

    I love how excited you are about this machine. And I’m so glad that you waited and didn’t cave in and get the commercialized versions that are for sale in stores. This beastie is awesome, and even I enjoy popcorn now! It’s like an event in our house these days, or a ritual. You come home, have dinner, and after it’s all wrapped up, you turn on the popcorn machine and then the house fills with the smells of buttery goodness. *sigh* It’s pretty cool, I have to admit.