Anti-Weight Gain

Since moving to our home in Kingston and then trying to start a business I’ve lost almost 45 pounds. I’ve tried a few diets like a low sodium, Atkins, South Beach; all with limited success. Each one had its merits and I understand the rational behind each one. It has been an exercise in determination and tenacity. At the same time I want to honor myself with better health since for almost 15 years I haven’t given myself the self-respect I deserve.

With our change over to trying to live on whole, local, organic foods as much as we can Crystal and I have had to allow our pocket book to alter our eating patterns. For example, eating grass fed, organic beef costs 2-3 times more than regular beef. Chicken is double. This means that we tend to eat less beef, some chicken, and more fish than before.

I’ve eliminated all soda. I sometimes will have a diet coke but with the dangerous chemicals that are in those drinks I really try to avoid that as well. I haven’t had much trouble kicking sugar but I tend to be eating much less of it. Instead I drink lots of water. At least a gallon a day. I will occasionally enjoy a cup of milk, juice, or tea.

I think the biggest realization is how few calories I need to live as a person who sits at a desk all day. On typical days I’d consume 2500 to 4500 calories between large fast food meals and massive dinners filled with many processed food snacks in between. For my height and sex I really only need between 1900 and 2200 calories a day to maintain my body weight; depending on exercise. At this time I am trying to keep myself under 1600 calories a day to encourage weight loss.

My meals have shrunk for sure. I try to keep my breakfast and lunch under 500 calories so that I have over 1100 calories to splurge on good, home cooked food. Home food is delicious because I get to eat and spend time with the family.

Now, I am not proselytizing any diet or anything. I just wanted to share what has finally worked for me. And we’re not perfect or trying to tell anyone else how to eat. We’ve become increasingly conscious of where our food comes from and how it is processed. If it wasn’t eaten before Man became “intelligent” enough to meddle with it on molecular level it isn’t suitable for consumption is how it all seems to boil down for me. I’ll still go to Wendy’s and have a burger or order pizza when friends come over. Moderation and restraint are key.

Anyway, I feel better. I get out of breath less. I can walk further. I buy smaller clothes. My body looks and feels like it is gaining definition. I will eventually need to work out to tone my muscles. Crystal and I have been inspiring one another through this. And each time I walk by a burger joint or somewhere else where I’d max my caloric intake for the day in one sitting I remind myself that it is mind over matter. I can do this. My flesh won’t rule over me. I can leave the obesity statistic.

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