Systemic Systematic Murder

Last night I watched a movie called Katy?. I have been wanting to watch it for some time but I have been putting it off for months. I just wasn’t ready for an emotional blender like Schindler’s List or Der Untergang. I knew it would be a difficult movie as it was based on a very sick crime the Soviet regime (no, the people of that country at that time) had committed followed by an almost half century cover-up of which I remember whispers and half-mentions during my childhood listening to my parents’ politicizing with their inebriated friends.

It was gut wrenching and terrifying to see a depiction of the massacre and the various ways people dealt or didn’t deal with the fact of the crime. The story arc spanned the couple years around the event, the years during and after the Seconds Word War, and briefly after the war. This was a very personal movie as it showed an atrocity for a people that have been trying to share the truth with the world but the world did not listen.

I am not sure why World War Two is such an anomaly for our pampered Western minds given humanity’s bloody history. I remember the historical accounts of ancient warring tribes and nations; defeat meant annihilation or slavery. Later we recall the massacre and subjugation of the South American natives, Africa (continues today), the feuds between the Eastern dynasties, the Ottomans and Armenians; on and on we have groups of people doing something horrible to a another group of people.

So when the Nazi regime of Germany kills a particular group of people who hold a particular monotheistic view and various other people the Nazis deemed as undesirable it was a shock to Western countries. I am not sure what Western means in this context. Perhaps naivety towards the ways humanity has empirically dealt with itself? A shock that an educated, skilled, Western, Geneva signatory would commit such things? The finger pointing, Nazi hunting, and lamenting have been going on and on since. Not a word or raised eyebrow for these other crimes done by our Ally or done by other regimes around the globe since. In reference to this massacre, though, this quote taken from Laurence Rees who recently did a BBC series on the matter (found the quote on Wikipedia):

particularly in relation to Poland, the immorality of the Soviet Union tainted the actions of the Western leaders. The Western Allies’ treatment of the Poles was unworthy: from the cover-up over Katyn to the secret deal at Tehran that eventually shifted Polish borders without the consent of the Poles; from the meeting in Moscow when Churchill accused members of the Polish government in exile of being ‘callous people who want to wreck Europe’, to the exclusion of Polish troops in the Victory Parade in London in 1946. It is a sad catalogue – and one I certainly wasn’t taught in school when I was told that we should all only ‘feel good’ about the conduct of the Western Allies in the Second World War. … The central popular myth that surrounds the war, a kind of Hollywood version of the history, is that it is a simple story of an alliance of good people who fought an alliance of bad people. It’s an immensely consoling way of looking at the past, and it’s sad to let it go. But let it go we must.

It sums it up. People are sick pigs especially those that have had delusions of grandeur or some sort of notion of higher purpose.

After the movie Crystal and I lay thinking about the realities of people suffering. We compared the slime living in these apartments bitching about how the road paving work was blocking them from being able to park 10 yards form their apartment door and I instantly became ill. We are simply too far removed from the realities of humanity. I feel that people are even more susceptible to blindly obeying the diabolical wishes of a few then ever before. The sort of intellectualism plaguing countries stinks of self-righteous liberally trained monkeys with a twisted moral compass pointing inward and a unbelievably naive understanding of humanity and history is the sort of place Friedrich Engels came from to pave the way for someone like Stalin to corrupt and pervert.

While I was gently weeping over the fact that it require hundred or thousands of “my little Henrys” to execute thousands of “my little Helens” I had an incredibly difficult time wrapping my mind over the sort of filth that would systematically agree to slaughter a human being one at a time and dump their body into a massive grave or order people into a gas chamber or whatever the mechanism for mass murder was. It confounds me to think of what these people must have been told or the fear they had to disobey a yet even smaller group of tyrants.

And the most jaw dropping was reading the signed orders for executions and the mockery of justice at so called tribunals plainly described on documents. Those living in the United States should get an eerie chill right now. The secret prisons, snatching dissidents at night, subverting, propaganda. and teaching the wide populace which then is widely adopted as fact is quite scary. Vigilance is paramount for wether leftist, rightist, centrist; there are always groups of people willing to impose their will on others.

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