My Last Mocha

I’ve resigned from my position of Co-Founder of the company I helped found – MokaSocial, LLC. It was and is bittersweet to leave what I started but in the end it makes sense for the three of us and our embryo of a company. To be blunt, we simply ran out of money and I had find work to make ends meet. Since I can’t contribute a third to the effort of getting it off the ground it was easier to simply make a clean break. I really hope the best for Koa and John as they work the angles and contracts to keep things going. I think in the end we all left feeling good about this decision.

We did a lot of awesome things as a small team. We were flexible. Enthusiasm and passion ran high as we adopted and did what it took to release product after product. We released Flicka, iHeartCelebs, the iHeart family including Gadgetopia, iHeartApple, DSGN, Travel, DealTime, and etc.

We met with potential clients. We wrote applications for some including RentNotices for Android and iPhone and soon for Blackberry. We met with potential partners. We made money, we lost money. We adopted. We learned marketing. We developed libraries. We compiled, we tested, we regressed, we updated, and incremented. We also made our fair share of mistakes.

I would say this was a glorious opportunity to be in the middle of a start-up giving it our all to make it succeed. I admit that it was amazingly stressful at times. Sometimes I would lose sleep. In the end, however, I learned a lot, made some great contacts, and got to release good software at regular intervals while relying on ourselves and taking responsibility for our own future.

I will continue to work to develop my expertise and hopefully start another company perhaps this time on the side. I would love to start another company with partners but I would approach it this time from perhaps a larger capital or wait for things to flower before taking the plunge.

I hope the best for MokaSocial and I know they feel the same for me. Whatever the future holds I am most grateful that we’re all still friends even after having all gone through trying to start a company.

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