Job Time

Recently I looked, found, was offered, and accepted a position at Zumobi as a Senior Software Engineer. They do mobile applications primarily for the iPhone but they are making a foray into the Android market so that is where I come in. I am super excited about the job. As some of you know, though, it means I will have much less time to dedicate to working on the start-up I helped found which makes this all bittersweet.


So what does this mean for MokaSocial? Hopefully yet another chapter as my partners and I continue to move forward with our projects and plans. Today we released Gadgetopia, a news, pic, and video aggregator for all things gadgets. It’s based on the model behind iHeartCelebs: free with ads support. Gadgetopia is our first project to use a package system I came up with that allows us to basically rapid deploy similar apps within a couple hours. Sure, they are similar in feel but our goal is content delivery of things people actually want.

The Kids and Stuff

Harrison’s been teething lately and it has made sleep a rare commodity. Last night, for example, he was really upset and wouldn’t sleep unless he was attached to Crystal. She’s had some more experience living with sleep deprivation than I but she suffers nonetheless.

I’ve been watching Henry and Helen playing together and it thrills me to see them using their imagination. I see some of the things they build, the games they create, or things they draw on paper and it impresses me. Their energy levels are hard to keep up with but Crystal and I keep up as best as we can. They are growing so fast. I think about how quickly time goes by and that I really would like to spend as much of my free time with them as I can. Henry is almost five. That little boy has been with me for five years. Helen for two. Just wow.

I feel like things have been frantic all around the last couple weeks. I suppose it was the job hunting and worrying. Now that it is over and we’ll see some money after the new year I would love to take the family on a trip to a forest or somewhere new. Maybe the zoo. A farm. Camping. Anything really. We all need to get out and do something! I’d like to set up my recording equipment and try and make some music. I feel like I need a way to release some creative energy that isn’t work. It’s all sitting here waiting for me to unpack I just need to find the will and time to do it.

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