Thanksgiving Wonderland

I think the real news this week is the six or so inches of snow which accumulated on and around our home. The roads are solid ice: we’re going nowhere. We’ve had to bundle up to stay warm as we don’t want to use the heat more than we have to. Fortunately we went and did some grocery shopping before we got snowed in!

And while we’re talking about saving money can you guess how much it costs to run lights in a house this big? We were recently analyzing our electric bill and went through the house. One 60-watt light bulb costs about $2.25 to run all month, 10 hours a day. Well, our dining room chandelier has nine bulbs! If we switch to CFLs we’re looking at about $0.56 a month. It is significant when you add up all the bulbs. We’re not about to go throw out all our bulbs but as they burn out we’re switching them out.

It’s been really stressful. Things have gotten really tight. Crystal and I spend a lot of time at odds. Things aren’t as they seem with what we’re doing and even though we’re working on a few deals only one has panned out to be a paying gig. I am currently, actively, and frantically looking for work. No one said starting a business was going to be easy. At the same time I think doing this with three kids and the responsibility that comes with that is a huge burden. Once you start worrying more about things like rent and second guessing whether that book you bought was a mistake it starts to gnaw at everything.

On a good note we got our iHeartCelebs application done. We finished the first version of RentNotices. Both need a couple tweaks here and there but two more finished applications. I checked in the start for four more iHeart branded apps today — beer, gadgets, fashion, and videogames. I hope they do well. We met with our potential clients out from up North and we did some consulting on another.

Crystal has been getting the house ready for Thanksgiving. We’re having family over. Her dad and step-mom are bringing the meat and we’re making the pies. Someone else is bringing the yams and beans. It’ll be nice to have everyone contribute. I am a bit nervous about our nephew. I think of the Tasmanian devil from Looney Tunes. Touch, move, break, rip, shake, throw, stomp; seek and destroy. The parenting style of his parents, my brother-in-law and his wife, is different from ours to put it nicely.

Anyway, check out my tweets. I’ve been doing the micro-blogging thing for the daily thoughts. I set up a home network, DNS server, DAAP share, file share, and DLNA server complete with Nagios. I was quite proud of myself. I need to upgrade the machine though. It has a single core 10MB LAN card. I might be getting a free box soon from a friend. Funny, I’ve had this machine running for a couple years now and only recently have I been able to work on it. I guess when you take out 4 hours of commuting out of your schedule you have time to do things other then work, eat, and sleep.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and stay warm.

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