One thing that we really lacked was a decent kitchen in our apartment. For a family of five cooking takes on a much more production-like feel and standing inside that cramped space I often wondered how the cube dwellers could live off of instant, boxed, or simple to make foods. But anyway, since moving I’ve had a much more pleasant experience. I hope over the coming months I get to share my experiences and recipes because, well, I love to share food. And if I can’t do it in person then I will most certainly share virtually!

Crystal and I have both been at this too. It saves money and helps us practice some important skills. She’s made, for example, several pies, bakes, cookies, roasts, and chilies. I’ve made a similarly wide range of dishes.

I’ve struggled with hamburgers and fried chicken for years now. I really like the fried hamburger rather than a flame broiled one as I tend to like it juicy. A couple years back I made some crazy yummy pan fried hamburgers that would be awesome if they weren’t over or under cooked which is hard to do. Recently I grabbed some wax paper and made patties by rolling ground hamburger into eight by eight inch sheets about a fifth of an inch thick. That proved to be a much better cheeseburger!

The fried chicken has also turned out better. It’s all about the flour mix. I recently made one using thyme, salt, and pepper going heavy on the last two and then pan frying a few thighs and it was amazing. I suppose its a trial and error thing. We’ve made risotto for years now and following the mantra of “over seasoning” I made yesterday a delicious risotto using leftover roast turkey, fresh herbs, whole brown rice, carrots, onion, and celery topped with chicken stock.

Healthy Eating

I realize that it sound like we’ve been cooking a lot of fatty foods but these are treats every so often. We’re been trying to steer our eating habits to whole, organic, minimally processed foods wherever we can; drinking lots of water. That isn’t always possible but we try. I myself am happy to report that since I’ve stopped drinking as much and eating less food, I’ve lost about 30 pounds. Now lift three 10 pound sacks of potatoes at the grocery store and that is quite a bit of heft off my jowl and check bones! If you shop around, watch sales, and spend more time cooking you don’t really spend all that much more on your grocery budget. Some neat videos to watch to get a different perspective on eating are:

  • King Corn — Interesting video about how two grads tried to raise an acre of corn and then tried to understand where all of it goes.
  • Food Matters — A little health nutty but some interesting ideas about nutrition.
  • The Future of Food — The farmer in this movie is awesome. I wish he was my neighbor. Otherwise, get ready to be disturbed about the conflict of interest in our FDA, DoA, EPA, patent law, genetic engineering, and disease.
  • Food, Inc. — You know, McDonald’s and the industrialized chain that supports it. And other things.

Of course, each of these come with the usual grain of salt saying. It is good to have more information to make informed decisions.


Have I mentioned how awesome and tubular is? It’s a free service much like Pandora in that it tracks what you listen to, like, dislike, and then suggests music and plays it to you. I’ve gotten into it so heavy I’ve started sharing it here on my site. I’ve gotten to hear so many new artists from different genres all just by cruising channels around me. It’s free and it is awesome. Okay, and fine, it’s old news but for me I think it just required I sit and just give it a try!

With a 4G phone I can now be on the go and listen to or any other streaming audio source. Dream come true!

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