Vans, Work, and Shit Telcos

Thanks to some chance encounters and my mom-in-law we’ve purchased a massive beast of a van. A bus. A 1994 Dodge Ram 350. Something like that. It seats eight, costs over $100 to fill the 35 gallon tank, and sits in one of the four garage spots. It’s in decent shape with some paint problems, a couple little leaks, and some annoyances that come with a 15 year old vehicle but finally the family has something to all pile into without having anyone sit on the floor. Guests: yes. Hauling: yes. Fuel economy: 15 mpg ish.

I’ve been cranking out tons of code for some projects. Lots of good stuff. It takes time and I admit a little longer to go from zero to full fledged application but then I realize it is just me and John here and there and I feel better. Koa is off in Europe for a vacation. Once everyone is back we’ll kick ass and take names. Interestingly, I’ve found myself doing a wee bit of game design lately and it is quite fun. Interesting at least. I purchased a book (kind of a work expense to help me learn) title Head First Design Patterns. I think a few of us have it but I needed something to read that got me thinking about some of the deeper details of making things work especially now that we’re building more complex things from scratch. Interestingly, though, we’re actually already implementing some of the ideas on our own. I think we know what we’re doing!

We’ve all had quite a few sniffles this week. I’ve been with a sore throat, fever, and bull shit since Wednesday. Helen has especially had a runny nose. Harrison is teething and has been quite grumpy! And while I just mentioned books I found another titled Home Cheese Making. I mentioned it before but I really want to try and make some cheese!

Working from home has been a huge blessing and we’re continuing to believe that we can get this thing off the ground so we don’t have to go out and go back to work for other folks. Nothing is defeat. Just keep plowing along. Which leads me to a quote I heard recently, “If you want to be a millionaire, talk to millionaires.” It’s quite interesting on a few levels and in my experience it rings true. Now, it is easy to dismiss it because of the connotation but we can apply it to anything. If you want to be a plumber, talk to plumbers. If you want to be a red neck. If you want to be well balanced. If you want to be on drugs. On and on – ad nauseam.

Who you associate with. The demeanor, expectations, and values you carry to and from conversations. The expectations you have of others and yourself. It all impacts where we are headed. Maybe it seem obvious but in my own station in life if I wish to self improve and achieve better continually setting my bar higher I must also seek what there is beyond where I am at.

We’re where we’re at in life because of decisions we’ve made. Knowing that we can make changes or do things to influence our future. Taking personal responsibility for ourselves is one of those things that seem passé these days. I am happy where I am at but I think I am beginning to realize that I have much more power over my life, God willing, than I once realized and this is a good thing!

I wanted to close that CenturyLink gets title of shit telco from me. I realize that I should have read every line of their fine print before subscribing to the DSL service and I am willing to take responsibility for that mistake by admitting my mistake. At the same time, though, this company should be admonished and its employees ashamed for working for an entity which hides contractual obligations such as term in the bowls of some massive agreement. Companies that do business this way garner no loyalty from me and I will therefor cheerfully pay the $400 early termination fee and take my business elsewhere, if I so choose.

Kids, I’m sorry there won’t be much of a Christmas this year. Daddy made a mistake. *shakes fist at assholes*

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