More Unpacking

This will be the end of our third week here and I was finally able to pull the Mustang into the garage. Yes! Now both cars are inside. We moved the filing cabinet upstairs today and have gotten through all the books and book cases. There are a handful of boxes scattered throughout the office/upstairs area and in the garage. Mostly keepsakes or things that simply don’t have a place for them.

I reinstalled Vista on my laptop. It was temping to do a straight Linux install but I like to be able to take my gaming with me on road trips and LAN parties. It’s convenient to say the least. Besides, once I get Ant working it seems to be a pretty good development machine. I ordered a new battery for it as the old one doesn’t even register on my computer. What is the lifespan of lappy batteries anyway, a year?

I would like to setup my studio next but I will wait until I get another desk or some sort of small table. I don’t want to crowd myself! I have a new bag of Golden Cavendish I am doing to go try tonight – maybe tomorrow. I’ve been bumming Nate and using up the dried scraps I have. It’s been shameful.

Out of curiosity I’d like to mention that I love Aladdin lamps. I own a model 23 for some time now and the mantle has been missing. A while ago I tried to replace it only to find that the manufacturer’s machine had been relocated to some Polynesian island and they had made them incorrectly. The lamp will still work but the mantle take it from bright to bright aura from Heaven. Eventually I’d like to get a table lamp and a couple hanging ones for the work shops or large spaced areas. Soon enough!

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