Taking A Plunge (or Two)

What a ride my family and I have been on the last few weeks. A few big things have been going on. About a month or so ago we had started looking to move into a house. Right now there is five of us in this 1,200 square-foot apartment which is really cramped for us. So anyway, this house in Kingston seemed perfect. We found a few others and looked at them. Well anyway, the owner found another interested party and went with them. It was a timing thing. We moved on not eagerly pursuing other places. I mean, we were still looking but we had sort of resigned to the idea we would just stick it out a few more months here, save some cash, and then move when we were a little more comfortable. Our lease was coming up and we may as well stick out another term.

Then about a couple weeks later he calls us and says that the potential buyers had flaked out on him and that we were next in line. Nate and I went out and looked at it and for the price it really seems like a great deal. Well, since looking at it we’ve decided to go for it. We’ve packed up most of our home into boxes. We’re lined up for October 1st as the move in day. More space (~3,300 square feet), four car garage, a view of the Sound, and a suitable yard. We’re very happy. I just need to make sure Comcast gets put in ASAP! So yeah, we’re moving. No more smokers, pot smoke, screaming matches, loud cars, busy roads, parking spot wars, and whatever.

We’ve finally launched Flicka. For those willing to spend the cost of a mocha to help support our efforts, go buy it! Rate it five stars! We need every bit of help to get people interested and excited about our product. Right now we’re focused on version 1.1 which will add some features and fix a couple bugs. It has been awesome to learn and release code. We’ve been using a lot of interesting tools to get things to a state where they are not crashing. For example, in addition to testing on different devices, programmed tests (Robotium like Selenium), and unit tests; we discovered Monkey which is literally like a monkey mashing buttons and doing all sorts of things to your application. Anyway, with MokaSocial now being legit and official we need to release new products and get ourselves to a place where we can work on mobile full time. There are several things “in the pipe” so stay tuned.

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