Moving Day

Well tomorrow we move to our new home in Kingston. We are super excited. We are looking to get this move over with I suppose as anyone would. The stay here at Tarmigan Apartments in Fife has been fine for apartment living. I suppose the management and staff has been fairly good for us. They tend to be prompt and friendly. With the usual apartment living come the obvious problems like noise, smells, lack of parking, and other annoyances. The location, though, is particularly difficult. Across the street from a FedEx distribution warehouse with hundreds of trucks going in and out and on a street with several busy warehouses it is a constant whirl of trucks, road noise, and the like. To make things even worse, there is a railroad track by which trains go sometimes every half our blasting their horns at the grade. Further, it is on a flood plain and lahar path which first, if the Puyallup River threatens its levies (as it did the winter we moved in) you get evacuated and second, when Mount Rainier blows you have a sprinkled network of air raid sirens to warn you. We were living during an upgrade of Valley Avenue and 70th so the noise has been particularly annoying.

We’ve gotten everything in boxes. Sure there are a few loose things here and there but I think we’re going to be okay. Tomorrow morning I get up and go get a 26-foot truck. The fish tank is probably the only daunting task left but hopefully we can get it done while we’re loading. Our plan is to load it into a van. With all the help that’s coming I think loading will be quick. Crystal has done 90% of the packing and the sheer effort of cleaning and getting us ready for all this is amazing.

Anyway, next time I write will be once I am settled in. See ya after the move!

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