Flicka: First Review (and its Great!)

We released Flicka on September 15th this year and have gotten a fantastic review. Of course, that review is for version 1.0 which doesn’t include quite a few fixes and updates we added in version 1.1 a week later.

To quote the reviewer:

…this app is definitely the best flickr app for Android – no doubt about it.

With how much work and effort we’ve put in over the last year part time while working full time, having babies, having fiancées leaving us; I think we’ve gotten a lot done and want to continue working to bring up our ratings and make ourselves be the Flickr application for Android.

I know my partners and I are super grateful for all the support and positive feedback we’ve gotten so far. We’re moving along and working to get version 1.2 and beyond done as quickly as possible.

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2 Responses to Flicka: First Review (and its Great!)

  1. I would love to review version 1.1 as well, unfortunately I can’t afford it as of right now.
    btw, when are we gonna see multiple photos uploading?

  2. Michael says:

    Hey! Thanks for the review. We’re planning on releasing batch uploads with version 1.2 so it should be within a month or so. As far as price goes, we’re currently fighting about whether or not to make available an ads version. Stay tuned!