Let My People Go

There often times seems to be a propensity to distrust software developers once schedules slip, things need reworking, or there is push back and the folks making the decisions are told something they don’t want to hear like it will cost too much, take this long, or require this many people. This seems to be nothing new from my humble observations.

It is hugely damaging though. Suddenly everything a developer says is scrutinized. Competency is questioned. Motives are examined. Egos are tested. Often times the art of software development and design descends into political maneuvering and careful tactical controls and comments.

Most developers regardless of their skill level or enthusiasm for a particular project or its facets are motivated and willing to work to design and develop good solutions. The rare bad apples can be dealt with but there should never place a blanket attitude onto any group of people.

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One Response to Let My People Go

  1. Crystal says:

    I’ve never worked in the industry, so I’ve never experienced this phenomenon from a developer’s viewpoint. But I certainly have seen it in other industries. Often, the business side speaks a different language than the folks that are actually doing the work. They only want to hear what they WANT to hear, and so they force a person into making a commitment that can’t possibly be kept. And then when things fall apart in the end…it’s the worker on the front line that pays the price. They get burned out, discouraged, and so choose to simply move on. When will they learn??