More Updates When?

Grrrr, it’s hard to write a well thought out post. With all the garbage out there and relying on ridiculous, meaningless, and shallow Facebook updates (my interpretation of a vast majority of what I see) I just feel spent by writing my one liner. It’s either someone bragging about their caviar, job, status, or vacation or someone trying to sell something. Anyway, enough of my rant.

I got my haircut and chose a Mohawk. A little crazy for me. I feel like I am reaching out and trying new things. Another thing is that we’ve started up our “lifestyle” change again. I guess we took a few months off while we waited for Harrison to be born. It’s been tough. My cravings for simple, refined carbs is at times intense with times when nothing seems to curb my craving.

Henry, Helen, and Harrison are all well. Harrison has been a mellow baby with minutes of protesting before he begins to cry. It doesn’t happen often. Still he’s been a smiley, happy, and curious one doing most of everything before his siblings did when they were his age. Henry also got a Mohawk. He’s very talkative and has a particular affinity to following and creating rules. Oh, and shooting everything real or imaginary with real or imaginary guns. Not sure where he gets that. :) As far as Helen goes, she’s headstrong and determined. A little climber who will loudly whine, climb onto counters, and steal momma’s makeup and put it on.

Crystal and I have had a rocky few weeks. As we settle in to having three kids and starting over with an infant it has been hard to adjust. We’re making progress and talking things out. Still, there have been a few moments.

Everything else is coasting. I really want to work on my music. I feel so beat by the time I get home I don’t feel like doing much more than spending time with the family, watching a movie, or playing of Age of Conan (awesome game by the way). Recently I subscribed to Mother Earth News which isn’t as hippy as it sounds. It’s actually very friendly to folks that would like take more ownership over their food, housing, and sufficiency. It’s had us talking a lot lately about finding a way to living in a fashion where we control our dependency on “the systems” around us and the ability for us to carry on regardless if one, some, or all of them collapse. Also, being able to eat freshly and learn skills. Anyway, the reasons are my own. I don’t want to preach about it. Everyone has their own things they want but I wanted to share my perspective. But anyway, we’re not sure how that looks. As you know, I work technology and those sorts of jobs are in the city. Maybe we can’t live like that now but maybe one day?

Flicka has been progressing amazingly. We’re working on slide shows, making things crash resistant, and other updates to give us an application that finally works. I’ve finally gotten back in the swing of things. Work has been interesting at times. I love the job, the company, and the things I do especially since I get to lead a group of awesome developers. I think managing up is the biggest challenge or rather learning how to do it. The management structure isn’t as top down as some places yet there seem to be political spheres and things to work with. As a developer I like to be direct and to the point and I like to get that back from others. Our current project is something dubbed Project Relaunch which is a pretty big update to the main product site and the underlying mechanics of how we interact with various sub systems. I think we’re getting a good job done and when that September deadline rolls by we can let loose a little and take on more incrementally deploy-able tasks.

Our lease is up this September and although we’ve been fairly okay with living here, we are trying to decide between grinning and bearing apartment living for another lease term or finding a home to rent. My biggest complain is how people generally don’t think about what they do affects others. Driving through a parking lot fast, letting their dogs shit all over the lawns, smoking on their decks or outside my windows, talking loudly outside my window at two in the morning, playing bassy music loudly at two in the morning, letting your door slam, playing your surround sound system loudly at all hours, trying to find parking especially when guests come over; it goes on and on. We’re saving money I suppose. Renting a house tends to be more expensive. We managed to spend quite a bit on Harrison’s birth so now we’re in recovery mode. On one hand home ownership seems tempting but with the markets and how crazy things are locking into a house that may or may not sell is now scary to me. This time around we can definitely do our home work about the neighborhood and the house but still.

Renting shields us from some of that but it’s moving costs and dumping money into something that isn’t ours for another term. Back and forth we go.

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