Winding Up

It has been a busy couple weeks. I have been taking Wednesdays as paternity leave to lessen the impact of me going back to work. I have been pretty tired but the new espresso machine at work has helped. Well, it has helped at work and made not having one at home difficult!

We test drove a Ford Flex recently. We really like them. Crystal likes something like the Buick Enclave more but its double the price. Unfortunately we aren’t a a place to buy a new car so we’re going to probably buy a used something 5+ seater for cash.

What is more important now is getting ready to move. We’re finding some really nice homes to rent in the Tacoma area for less than what we’re paying now in rent. Almost 1,000 more square feet, garages, 4 bedrooms, fenced yards; all wins. Most are through agencies so we’re hoping to avoid dud landlords.

Crystal and I have both lost our pregnancy weight or almost all of it. It feels good. Since all I do is sit at desks and walk to and from the train station I need to watch myself.

Today was Memorial Day. I made BBQ pork and beef ribs, brats, and French fries. Crystal’s step mom, half brother, and dad came over. It was a good time. The recipe I used was very good and I am super excited to make them again. The kids didn’t eat much of it. Things are a little crazy with Harrison in the house. Keeping everyone on a schedule has been a challenge.

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. Work, private life… I wish I could share but I really can’t. There have been challenges at work. Having Harrison up all hours of the night has been hard on Crystal and thus hard on all of us. I am trying to ride this waves out and tell myself this is life and I need to enjoy it. Meh, normal stuff I guess.

Recently a buddy of mine and his wife had their house flood. We were very happy to help them out with letting them borrow a laptop while their house was being repaired. It quickly reminded me of the chaos that revolved around my parents’ having the same happen to them.

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