May I Present to You

On Tuesday the 27th of April the third baby – fifth member of the Hrádek clan was born. We weighed in at just under nine pounds and just under 22 inches tall. He’s got all his fingers and toes. He is beautiful. He weighed in at 8lbs 14oz, was just under 22 inches tall, and had the signs of a 36 week old baby even though he was 2 weeks past due. Crystal’s oven just takes a little longer!

Harrison Michael Josef Hrádek

Harrison Michael Josef Hrádek

Crystal and I, especially Crystal of course, had a very difficult experience but all in all everything turned out fine. We are now recuperating, the baby’s schedule is normalizing, and the other two kids are getting acquainted. It was quite a marathon. I think we figured it was between 60 and 72 hours of labor with a couple minor stalls in there. I cut the cord and we were surprised that it was a boy. Amazing. Just amazing. And we were all so sure it was a girl!

Crystal has said that this will be the last baby. I agree. The stresses of transporting us is already becoming apparent. We had a dry run this Friday and I followed her and the kids to a near by store. It was a challenge. We see in our future!

I’ll post more details soon as I digest what all has happened.

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