Fishing Trip

I finally bought a freshwater fishing license. The first time in my life. The $26 price tag was a little higher than I expected especially since it isn’t really for an entire year. I also bought Henry a pole and a life preserver. We drove down to Lacey and went fishing with our friends Israel and his daughter Brooklyn and our Henry and Helen. Crystal and Rae Anne went to the bead store with Harrison and shopped there for an hour.

The amazing thing was that I caught two fish. Two of them! Two 10 inchers. All trout. The first we kept because it had swallowed the hook and he had to basically kill it to get the hook out. The second we let go only to watch it sink to the bottom. It had a hook in its lip so it should have survived but I guess it had been out of the water too long. Israel caught three fish, one had gotten away as we tried to catch it into the net. They were a bit larger.

After we got back to their house he showed me how to gut and clean them. It was relatively easy and I was happy to do it. We all enjoyed a BBQ and sat around talking. It was all very refreshing to spend a sunny Saturday outdoors doing stuff. I have the fish in my refrigerator ready to cook up tomorrow for dinner. It was nice to go somewhere as a family and have everyone get a chance to do something they want.

Rae and Izz are expecting a son in a couple months. They’ve already picked the name Jacob. We’re excited for them.

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One Response to Fishing Trip

  1. Crystal says:

    It was soo much fun!

    I wish that I had been with you guys at the lake so that I could see all the fishing excitement! I got such a kick out of your enthusiasm for catching those fish, and I look forward to cooking them for dinner tonight. I guess the ultimate question now is…where to go fishing next? I’m sure that you and Israel have some ideas!

    I had a great time hanging out with friends too, even if the kids did enjoy a full on meltdown in the very end. It was a lot of fun. And I have beads now! =)

    Driving through Yelm was nice too – it’s really pretty there!

    And I’m excited to meet the new baby too! Not much longer now…