No B-Day Baby

Unfortunately we still have no new baby. Crystal’s birthday came and went. We went to the mall today with the kids to give us something fun to do so Crystal can walk around and look at things. We checked out the Rainforest Cafe which the kids really had fun at. All the walking made her really sore and we even had some contractions during the ride home. Sadly nothing yet. The kids were very well behaved, though. We went up and down a few escalators, let momma shop for herself a little, and played in the play area. At this point we’re doing everything to get labor to start and keep going. Walking helps. Bumpy car rides. I won’t go into too much more details but yeah, trying it all.

I took Henry to the hardware store and found an extendable bracket to use to hold up the tank hood. At a little over $1.50 I bought three. I am really happy I found them. I was considering cutting aluminum perhaps making something custom. This isn’t perfect but works for a fraction of the cost. Apparently these brackets are used to hang pipe between joists. Henry was quite the helper helping me look and fit the pieces together. He loves to ride in the “daddy car”. I’d like to fit some Helen and daddy time in somewhere. It’s actually been something on our radar lately. Even kids need some private time away from one another or one on one time with a parent. A lot of frustration happens when Henry wants to play with Matchbox cars and Helen plays the unwanted role of Godzilla. Or Helen wants to draw and Henry takes all her paper. We live and learn. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful family.

I went through and cleaned out my wardrobe today. I hate shopping for clothes. I tend to wake up, throw whatever is at the top of the drawer, and go. Nothing wrong with that. I was simply never replacing clothes with frayed collars, tears, faded t-shirts, and things just not quite the right size. I was liberating and a little scary. I didn’t get rid of everything. I left a pair of oil changing work pants and a couple t-shirts for the same reason. Things like 80′s double-breasted suite jackets, short sweaters, and old yellow undershirts made up most of the pile. It was nice to get rid of the bulk of my Guild Wars t-shirts. I hung on to them because, well, I did work there and all… but they’d become faded and shrunk. Time to move on.

Michael Caine

I’ve also been looking at new glasses as mine are a few years old. I like what I’ve been seeing as Moscot, in particular the Vilda frame. Apparently local places don’t carry much more than everything they think we should think is cool. I am really excited to get away from the thin wire frames and into something a little more chunk: some mid sixties Michael Caine perhaps?

I’ll keep posted as labor starts and gets going full swing. I am extremely grateful to work for a company that understands and accommodates what I’m going through. If this was our first kid things might be easier but Crystal can’t be doubling over from contractions while chasing two kids trying to throw lunch together and keeping some sense of order. I just hope I can help her beyond her expectations.

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