Minor Contractions

I stayed home a couple times this week to help Crystal out. The doctor due date was April 13th. We figured April. It’s probably a range ± a couple weeks. The birthing tub is on standby, the cameras are charged, the house is being maintained in an orderly state, and the kids are working hard to undo it all!

We’re now actively trying all mythical and real methods to induce labor. Nothing wonky but some of the stuff works. Last night around one we started getting minor contractions which was super exciting. Crystal is having a hard time doing anything. I hope to do my best alleviating pressure and stress so she can allow her body to do its thing.

So, names… uh, well, its worse than with Helen and Henry. We’re not sure about the H theme. It kind of just happened. Now if we go with it we want to feel good about it but I’m suddenly feeling reservations.

Boys: Harrison, Adam,
Girls: Hazel, Hannah, Ada

I’ll add some more ideas as I can think of them.

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2 Responses to Minor Contractions

  1. Crystal says:

    Adam, huh? I didn’t know that you liked that name! I know how you feel though – I go back and forth about the H thing too. I really like Harrison though, and I think that Hazel is old, but cute too. Just like Helen. I guess we’ll just have to see how the little one looks when he/she gets here! (Come on Baby…get here already!)

  2. Nathan says:

    You guys really like H names.