Fish Tank Extravaganza

I posted a pic or two last post about our new fish tanks. I wanted to share some more about what we’ve done. It’s been really fun to hang out with mom (in-law) who gets all giddy whenever we talk about the marine (saltwater) tank. It looks sharp and we’re really happy with the outcome so far.

We went to several stores and I’ll admit that the start up cost is a bit higher on a marine tank than a freshwater tank when you add salt, a hydrometer, live sand and so on but its not prohibitive, in my opinion. Every store we went to has had really enthusiastic and helpful folks who knew what we’re getting into. They’ve pointed us to the Puget Sound Aquarium Society and we’ve gone to the library and Google to learn a lot.

Also we had our final visit to the midwives. This last Tuesday was the due date. We’re doing everything now to get the baby out!

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2 Responses to Fish Tank Extravaganza

  1. Nathan says:

    Good job on using two light colors, when you get different breeds they will probably congregate under the lighting style which their breed most prefers.

  2. Michael says:

    Actually it came that way. I don’t know if the previous owner planned it that way. Eventually we’ll be switching to metal halide lamps so it’ll be uniform.