Transitions Abound

Thank goodness for headphones. I hate furious typers and loud conversations. Speaking of music, my initial set of ear bud cushions are falling apart so I’ll need to replace them. Fortunately, the set came with 4 sets of replacement cushions.

Next I’ve been putting a little here and there to update this and my resume site. Things, I think, are taking shape. I’ve been so busy with work, family, and life that it is hard to put time into much.

Remember that m1710 laptop I’ve been lugging around? I don’t regret ever owning it and I would still bring it on trips where weight wasn’t as big of an issue. Coming in at ~10.2 pounds, though, I can’t believe I’ve been doing that as long as I have. Crystal, after tons of research and sneaking around got me an Asus Eee PC netbook for my birthday and I am completely thrilled with it.

At ~2.8 pounds and a great battery life, it seems I’ve found the perfect commuting companion. No need to carry the AC power adapter. I can blog, email, and program. I immediately installed Ubuntu 9.10 (removing Windows 7 Starter [what a pile of crap! You can't even change the wallpaper. No way am I paying $80 to upgrade.]) using a 4GB thumb drive I ran out and purchased. Eclipse, Android SDK; everything works fine. Some of the function keys are a little wonky but I’ll work that out over time.

Yesterday was a strange day. Work came and went. I got home and the kids were happy to see me. I grilled some delicious steaks. It was good. I love my family. The kids have been hard on Crystal. She’s at 37 weeks and it’s definitely getting to a point where being home alone with the kids is hard

Oh, I finished my first issue of The Economist. Bullshit to the reviewer that said it takes 2-3 hours to read. Over 100 pages in length minus a few pages for job posting and adverts, it took me triple that. Of course, it is a bit much. I guess I could be more picky. I only skipped the book and media review section. Anyway, I don’t want to miss my book reading so I need to find a way to balance my time.

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