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I’ve been super busy, first off, so although I’m about to go off about how awesome Dragon Age: Origins is keep in mind I play a few hours a week. Anyway, the story writing and just everything is awesome. Some of the modeling for when characters are speaking is off. There are some wonky parts in the story. Overall, though, it’s been fun.

The expansion (Dragon Age: Awakening) came out yesterday and it looks like it’ll continue where I left off. Inside was a curious card with 2.11.2011 printed on it. I am a little worried about a sequel being rushed out. I haven’t played any of the Mass Effect series. With how good this has been I might have to broaden my horizons.

Now for some interesting viewing. It’s long but chalk full of so-called conspiracies and stuff. I dig it. I know Alex Jones and some of the Prison Planet/Infowars stuff can go off the deep end but I appreciate some of the things these guys point out.

It’s been a stressful couple weeks. Work issues. Church issues. The office has been fairly quiet this week since most of the team is out on vacation or sick. As a lead developer I’ve seen my code time drop significantly. I still have a lot to look at and learn but my contributions are more about what I can provide for the team rather than lines of code I can push out.
I’ve been working on Flicka and it is coming along quite nicely. The library we have been using has been relegated to a wrapper for the Flickr API. It’s disappointing how limiting it has become especially since it doesn’t offer a lot of the functionality offered up by the API itself. The developers are probably busy but I actually wouldn’t mind helping out and working on the library. Might be neat to be part of an open-source project.
It’s a good learning experience. I’ve gone in and torn apart and added functionality to the source, learned a lot about Java and the Android SDK, and managing my time even when I don’t really want to go through and test that bug for the 100th time! Right now I am fleshing out the Groups and Group Info sections. After that I need to rethink the caching for Contacts and Contact Info sections. Then off to working out notifications and uploading pictures.
I recently subscribed to The Economist to get my fill of news and analysis. It has some bias but overall seems fairly comprehensive without all the useless sports and celebrity gossip you find elsewhere. I’ve been reading Good Soldier Švejk. It’s been quite a hilarious journey. The translation isn’t the best but the gist is all there. It’s actually got me contemplating finding some more stuff to read by Czech authors.
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