D’oh Too Much

We’re planning on releasing a video on the 26th to show off Flicka. We’ve got some issues to fix and tomorrow’s Code-a-thon would have been perfect to set up and get ready to do this.

And tomorrow at noon I’m headed down to AboutUs for a sort of developer exchange. It’s more like they have a great understanding of Agile and we at Domaintools would love to learn a little more about their immensely productive sprints.

I remain cautiously optimistic. Our products are vastly different and so is our code base so I fear that also their process may be great, it’s great for them.

So with me being gone tomorrow and most of Friday I am afraid we won’t get to release the video. It’s a little demoralizing. We started talking about Flicka a while ago and although I know we won’t hurt people by delaying the video by a couple days it’s super nice to stay on target. Here’s to late nights and willpower.

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2 Responses to D’oh Too Much

  1. Crystal says:

    I know it feels terrible to miss a deadline, but you guys seriously have done SO MUCH WORK and Flicka is looking AMAZING because of it! I’m super stoked for the video, and I’m sure that you can get it done once you are back from Portland.

    As far as the trip goes…well, you have a good attitude about it. I hope that you manage to glean some amount of insight, but if not…have fun anyway! It’s always nice to get out of the office!

  2. Michael says:

    It’s going well so far. I am hoping to get more done this next week. Nice job on your blog!