Lack of Posting

My posting intervals have fallen dramatically but for lame reasons. I’ve been regularly visiting Facebook and getting my fair share of meaningless updates from random folks I barely know. The ones that do matter I keep up on but I think with the postings there and just generally busy.

Since taking the position of Lead Web Developer I feel like my days at work are solidly occupied. I can’t measure my productivity in terms of lines of code but it is assuring the management sees my steps in helping my team succeed in its goals and assignments.

Helen and Henry are both doing well. Helen has started to emulate our sounds and I am pretty sure we have a solid yes and no sound. The yes sound is more of a yelp with an upswing and the no is either a growl or a downward sounding ugh.

Henry is really into going for walk, parks, and playing Lego Batman on the 360. We’ve been making an effort to get them outside to play but with it being the rainy season…

Henry is learning quickly and his drawing has shown increases in complexity. Both kids have been getting on a better schedule going to bed around 10 and waking around 9. It’s really been a blessing.

I went to Byrnie Utz’s Hats shop here in Seattle on 3rd and Union and oh my gosh I am so glad I went. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I will definitely make it a habit to buy more hats there!

The hat I got can be seen at the John B. Stetson Hat Company’s website. It’s the “Temple” model. I am very happy they had a size that fit me. What an experience! I wanted to spend less than $100 but I ended up paying a little more.

I have been tire shopping for the car and have settled on the Yokohama YK520. I really wanted the Michelin Pilot or Goodyear F1 but the prices were almost $50 more a tire. The Continental DWS was a comparable tire but the warranty on the Yokos was better. Apparently my front tires were about to come apart.

We’ve been working really hard on Flicka and have made some excellent progress. It’s been an excellent learning oppurtunity for me getting some really good experience with Eclipse, Android SDK, Java, and the sorts of things that come with that. We’re still working on the details for our company but we have a name: MokaSocial, LLC.

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