First Round: Car Wins

I’ve embarked on an unknown round fight with ol’ Sadie. It’s been sitting for what, five years now? The last time I started that car it ran for 10 minutes and then quit. I came out to it and tried to start it again and nothing. Just a disappointing rotation with no spark.

What was it? Fuel? Spark? Shifted distributor? Blown coil? The possibilities are endless but fortunately there is a fairly good (although probably) expensive path to fixing it.

Today we all went out to the car and I cleared it from all the junk my dad has piled around it. Opened the hood, attached the battery cables, and gave it some cranks. Seriously, after sitting for over 2 years the battery still held a good charge. That was at least some good news.

Then I went off to the car parts store and picked up a $20 multimeter. It was wonderful to get into all the different parts of the ignition and try and figure out what was running current. The battery was at around 10 volts.

Anyway, I figured the ignition coil was bad since it was returning about the same from the what was coming out of the battery. That made no sense. The fast that it looked 20 years old and has a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty tells me it should have been replaced long ago anyway. So I replaced it. Still no spark. I am afraid it may even be bad fuel. Not sure.

The cap and rotor are basically brand new. I’ll probably replace the wires next and work my way through the ignition system and then into the fuel system. I’m hoping to get it fixed so we can use it as a Sunday car since it will easily fit 5 of us. I suppose I’d rather have this initial challenge than another loan. Besides, if this gets fixed I would love to get it fixed up and partially restored.

All in good time.

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