Seriously Stop Whining

Oh man do people whine. Ted Kennedy has been in office for 50 years (probably just riding out the nation’s sympathy for the horrible murders of his brothers) and now that an independent State and free peoples elect a Republican to Congress and the hissing and stench of hate emit from the generally leftist circles of the Internet; Facebook and the various comments to the story on various news outlets.

We want change! No you don’t. You want your agenda to enslave the country to your naive understanding of politics, history, and flawed human character. If people understood even a speck of that I think they’d be in for less government and more personal responsibility. Health care reform only needs to happen because government meddled in health care in the first place. See how the billions of dollars we’ve all paid into Social Security have been managed? Horribly. Do not expect otherwise from government.

Last night I had a jam session with Koa (drums) and his buddy Pat (guitar). It was flippin’ awesome. I busted out my laptop, used my midi controller, and played some wicked organ, piano, and crazy techno bass lines and sounds to create almost two hours of intense Trash Rock Trance Lounge music. It was rage fun and we really had a good time. We played around with some chord progressions, styles, rhythms, and melodies. It took me a little while to set up but once I did it was on. The guys are just awesome. We practiced at Evolution in Bellevue. Since it isn’t going to be often the $6.50 a person for 2 hours seems reasonable.

Last night I finally got my copy of Panzer Tactics for the DS. The reviews give it a low score but I kind of expect it in today’s game market. It’s a pure throwback to the old SSI Panzer General series. I played for a little bit last night. Very good indeed!

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