More Responsibility

Well I’ve accepted (and been entrusted with) the lead developer position at my employer. I am a bit anxious and hope I can fulfill the added responsibilities. It’s been really fun and interesting working somewhere that is really using PHP and the corresponding systems to most of their potential.

The holidays have been very hectic. We’re trying to get things for the kids, things for each other, and manage a schedule making sure we visit with the grand parents. I still have to tell my dad we’re expected a third. He’s the type of ass hole to make comments about the cost and whether or not I’ve heard of condoms.

But then again he may surprise me with a sudden burst of happiness and actually congratulate me.

Nanna came over and watched Henry and Helen Wednesday while Crystal and I enjoyed a night out. It’s so crucial for a husband and wife to spend quality time away from the kids to keep the relationship in a state that encourages a loving home. Everyone wins!

It was actually our company holiday party which started on a party bus. It was a bit tacky but once we got to Acme Bowl in Tukwilla things got much more fun. We ate, drank (well I did but Crystal had a few virgin drinks), and bowled.

I actually loosened up enough to relax. Our CTO found the worst bowlers (well, I think it was just about all of us) and gave $100 bills to those that made a strike when he called it and was watching. Crystal and I both managed to do this (although I wasn’t able to repeat it again the entire night). The temptation to drink wasn’t all there. It was unlimited hard liquor, wine, and beer… but I simply have too vivid of a memory of a party recently where a coworker and I tried to finish off a pony keg by ourselves.

We ended the night with a quick game of Deal or No Deal and drove home. We thought about going to a movie but by the time we got home we were done. The kids were asleep and we both got a great night’s rest.

Thank you nanna.

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