Lego <franchise>?

This weekend Jerry came over and we picked up an Xbox 360 Elite to replace our old and dead one. I guess I’ll be putting in those exhaust fans a little sooner than I expected. This is a good thing because it gets pretty warm beneath our television set. What was meant to keep the most destructive force in nature (our children) out of our electronics is actually destroying them as well.

It came with a couple free games one of them being Lego Batman. It’s actually pretty fun to play and allows a game better suited for kids to watch then say… Wolfenstein. I’m not so sure watching zombies and people explode into chunky bits and pieces spewing unbelievable amounts of blood and fluid is healthy for their little minds.

We visited with my parents a little. It had snowed a little; maybe half an inch. Henry loves the snow and was playing outside in it while I dropped off a couple things.

I need to finish up my Christmas shopping this week. I am excited about all the good food to look forward to. Visiting will be nice especially with friends. Family tends to be more stressful than anything. Is that normal?

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