Imeem, DRM, and You

Bleh, MySpace bought the non debt parts of Imeem and basically broke it all. It was bad enough that Imeem reduced clip lengths to 30 seconds. Now they’re out of the picture. So please, forgive the horrid AT&T and other stupid ads in their stay.

This song has been running through my head for months. This song, while we’re talking about music, has been in my head for months:

What it means to me is that it’s harder for me to share music with you all. For now I am relegated to Youtube which is fine but I’m not always interested in sharing the video part.

I’ve just got gripes with the whole system, fair use, and DRM. I will gladly buy music that’s worthwhile. Money is not the issue. The problem is all the suckers that have bought into iTunes and other controlled media and what it all means. Control and profit.

Now I am not on any soap box here evangelizing one way or another. I am simply sharing how sick I feel when I think about all this and how pervasive the idea of remotely controlling everything. I feel like there is a full on assault on freedom and expected fair usage. I get pretty depressed about it all. Sometimes I feel like moving to the country and raising cattle for a living.

But alas running away from things isn’t an answer for me either.

We’re making some great progress on our side project. I can’t wait to announce it.

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