Finished: Bag Lightened

I’ve lightened my backpack by 5 or so pounds and it’s because I’ve just finished The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I’ll miss my daily commuting companion but I won’t miss the weight. :)

First off, I thoroughly enjoyed this book which isn’t a surprise given that the book has a decent level of popularity. My mistake in reading the book is also what kept me going: the author’s forward which explained some of the the reasons the book’s five member books seemed disjointed. The characters were somewhat unique and interesting.

I guess one of my few gripes is the ending. It makes sense and it was fairly predictable… but it doesn’t give you any closure.

I am looking to reread William Manchester’s The Arms of Krupp or some other wholesome historic goodness. After having put my head through an egg beater with Hitchhiker’s Guide I need to ground myself.

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