Android: SDK & IDE Fun

Recently I tried to get my Android Virtual Device (AVD) to run on my recently updated Ubuntu install and ran into the usual disheartening array of messages, errors, and other strange cruft that comes with that. Start and finish buttons in the Eclipse IDE weren’t responding. I tried running an AVD and got messages like “could not find virtual device”.

There is a decent page on fixing the AVD problem in Windows and although anyone with half a wit can extrapolate and figure out that the similar can be done to fix the issue in Linux, I’ve done that and share:

ln -s /root/.android/avd ~/.android/avd

To summarize (for both cases), we’re creating symbolic links from where the Android SDK thinks the AVDs should be to where they actually are. You will probably need to delete the directory ‘avd’ within your ~/.android directory before running that command.

While I’m at it, there is some general wonkiness getting Eclipse 3.5 to run properly on Ubuntu 9.10. I was having trouble with groups and owners (Android SDK installation has them set to root when you install so you’ll have to chown and chgrp recursively through the tree) and sometimes certain features simply don’t respond. The following code seems to alleviate the IDE issues.

`~/bin/eclipsePackage/eclipse3.5/eclipse -vmargs -Xms128M -Xmx512M -XX:PermSize=128M -XX:MaxPermSize=512M /dev/null`

This assumes that you are running Eclipse on Linux via a Bash script. Most of the command is from the usual Ubuntu/Eclipse forums on how to start eclipse. The important line is the one about the GDK stuff.

I hope that helps. We’ve been running Android 1.5, 1.6, and 2.0. Each time a new version gets released we all need to tweak things here and there. With how young the SDK is and how little there is about it out there the more stuff we can all share the better.

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