Ultrasound: Good Stuff

Crystal had her ultra sound yesterday and my goodness was it hard for her to insist that we don’t know the sex. We’re really excited about the idea of a surprise and the minor inconvenience of not knowing, we think, we’ll be a fun surprise and experience. Now for those of you that know what I do, this next item will tickle you.

Crystal and I asked Henry what we should name the new baby. And of course, he insists it’ll be a boy because that’s what he wants. But, again, what should we name the new baby, Henry?

He replies, “Dot com”

This last Wednesday was a bit rough. To repeat my Facebook status from then: just a couple Jaeger bombs, Mario Kart, and a keg of Mac & Jack’s… at work… for lunch. Agh, lesson learned. I guess I just like to let loose sometimes. I think I am mostly disappointed I got nothing done on my side project. I spent most of yesterday attempting to feel human again.

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