Ugh, Monday

This is a rough morning requiring a quick jaunt to Top Pot across the street to grab a donut and coffee. I felt the oncoming headache and my tiredness was overwhelming. I had very sad ride replaying and processing the things that had transpired the night before. I miss my kids very deeply. Helen asked me to lay down with her and gave me her goofy smile. It was very cute. I obliged her for a few moments before getting up and leaving for work. I patted Henry on the head and drew the heavier comforter over him. He was sound asleep.

We watched a movie last night called Zwartboek (Black Book) which is a Dutch film about German occupied Holland; a story of Jews, the resistance, and everyone’s effort to survive. I found it to be in the same spirit as other European attempts to share snapshots of respective experiences in the war and it was quite good. I would assign this 4 out of 5 or 8 out of 10.

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