Crystal went to the first doctor checkup for our current pregnancy. We are incredibly excited. I am really depressed I couldn’t see it. There is something magical seeing that little person for the first time. Standing two inches tall from rump to head, he or she will float around growing until that big day in April.

I watched the kids while Crystal went to the doctor. I got up super early to get to work so I could leave early to do that. I tried for the 0455 train but apparently slept through two or three snoozes. The 0530 train was packed by the time we got to Seattle. Much more so than, say, the 0800 train. I drank a mocha that day. I’d like to make mochas at home but I realize I’d need to buy one of them shot maker things. Hmmmm.

Once Crystal got back we had dinner and discussed the appointment. Everything looks normal and yes, there is only one baby in there. (It’s been our concern with how sick she’s been with this pregnancy there maybe more in there!). The pictures were great. We made use of our recently acquired scanner (5-in-1 printer) to get those pics into digital format.

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