Trips and Stuff

Sadly, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any pictures. My apologies! Here is a random assortment of things that we’ve been doing lately. The first batch includes pics of the family, the messy kids, our nephew, and some interesting things.

A Day at Pike PlaceA Messy Little GirlHappy Birthday Henry! The Big 3!January 15 2009 231.jpgJanuary 15 2009 281.jpgJanuary 15 2009 283.jpgMike's Birthday 013.jpgPatrick, Our NephewSo, This Happened Part 1So, This Happened Part 2Spending Time with NannaThe NarrowsThe wifey. I like bangs!

This second set was from this week’s trip to Snoqualmie Falls. Since Monday we’ve gone to the pool, the park, enjoyed a picnic, did this road trip. I’ve been studying and working on my resume. It’s been actually really nice to have some extra time.

Trip to Snoqualmie 010.jpgTrip to Snoqualmie 018.jpgTrip to Snoqualmie 035.jpgTrip to Snoqualmie 046.jpgTrip to Snoqualmie 058.jpgTrip to Snoqualmie 074.jpg

I am trying not to be afraid of what the future holds. It’s easy to feel panic at times but we’ve been trying to stay optimistic. If anyone wants to cheer me up, give me a call. You know the number.

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