Music Goodness

I’ve connected my MIDI controller keyboard and have been actively been working on music every night that I can. I have had a lot of fun putting some hip-hop beats and learning some cool new rhythms. I think having my keyboard out and everything easily accessible has made it more conducive to making music. Right now I have been using quite a bit of Plugsound’s libraries. Emulation has been a great way to learning new stuff for me. A favorite example is to take a loop that is something Timbaland might put together and then break it out of the construction set in one of these libraries and learn how they fit together. Talk about reprogramming a rhythmically challenged brain!

Music inspiration. Sometimes I find musical inspiration in the oddest things, like… leather pants. In all seriousness, though, is this revelation that music can be simple. To me it is strange especially since the more complex a tune seemed to be the more I was attracted to it. I hope to shed this egotistical and short sighted approach to music. An example of a simple approach would be the track “Hoffnung Am Ende Der Welt” by Stephan Zacharias for the Der Untergang soundtrack. Perhaps its simplicity is its complexity. The somber tones, the rawness of the strings, the placement coloring of the mix; evokes emotion which I enjoy.

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