Still Adjusting

It’s been hard adjusting to getting up at 6:30. I’ve been tired all week. Eventually I’ll get accustomed. Crystal and I have both been sore lately. I wore a pair of shoes that weren’t broken in all that well and she went on a fitness evaluation that’s left her very sore. So today I “bummed” it and wore my old shoes. What relief.

I’ve gotten headaches for the last week or so. I think my diet is partially to blame. I’ve gotten a lamp at my desk to help my eyes out. I burned my hand pretty good on some hot oil that splashed from a pan as I flipped some food I was frying. Hopefully all this stuff settles down soon!

We’re getting some Ezell’s Chicken for lunch today: I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve been working to get some serious documentation going on at work. I’m converting some lighter applications to an internally developed MVC type module system. I have been grabbing the easier tickets and solving issues. My favorite was a class that was reading from memcache a sorted list of preferred slaves to read from when doing selects. The method was always returning the first slave regardless of the time since last update. Finally I am working to put together ideas on how to create a products/package system to make ordering and putting together products easier.

Finally, I built a new machine using a motherboard Nate gave me, the SATA cable Jerry gave me, and the case and hard drive the fella I’m doing this for gave me. It runs fantastic and I am really pleased to be able to help someone out without having to buy anything but a 4-pin to SATA power cord. I think the previous motherboard got damaged somehow because it’d restart randomly.

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