Spark of Satisfaction

I bought a pair of Denon AHC-751K headphones a year or so ago now. I stopped using them and pretty much gave up on music during my commute. Ear buds hurt, over head are definitely not stylish, and these rather expensive ones are heavy and fall out of my ear hastened by my walking. I find that relying on friction to maintain a seal within a waxy ear is dubious at best.

I’d like to report that I’ve replaced the stock tips with some Comply foam tips and I feel like I am again able to comfortably and without annoyance use my fantastic sounding ear phones. The phones stay in my ears. I walk, turn my head, gape at silly bankers and their towers of steel, glass, and marble, frown at the smell of urine, homeless folk, and trash; the seal is good and they stay in my ear. Although I may still have to see these things I can happily be deaf to their sounds.

Finally a spark of satisfaction.

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