Sexual Gratification Augmentation

I was going to right about the shocking loss for civil libertarians yesterday in the Supreme Courts landmark ruling (sorry, its CNN) that the government can seize your private land for private or public use. You see, some home owners back East didn’t want their homes to be taken (with compensation, but that’s all subjective) so that the local city can authorize the tax generating strip mall. So the land was taken for private use but because it impacts the public, the judges voted to enforce eminent domain.

I am seriously getting sick thinking about this. The implications are far reaching. We are taxed to our ears. Property taxes, excise taxes, sales tax, income tax, going on and on. Its something that our country inherited from the English. And now they completely disregard our personal property. Anyway, I am too upset to write about it. Read the article. You decide.

SMack June 2005

Anyway, I have been doing some shopping online and have been visiting all my favorite “sexual gratification augmentation” retailers. I mention a few of them on my links page but one that stands out in my mind is Marquis out of Germany. Lots of kink, less vanilla. Haha. Its funny to hear myself say that. Its really “augmented” my wife’s and my relationship. Although some of the stuff from this couple can be more revealing than I would share, the owners of A Thing For Rubber 3.0 offer a good look at what I am talking about. Latex clothing is amazing but leather like stuff from Stormy is just as fascinating. Ah, happy thoughts. We’re married and we’re having fun! ;) eBay has had some good retailers out there lately. I was pleased to find a variety of things. I am weary of the quality sometimes, and no amount of security features convince me that shill bidding doesn’t still happen. Oh and note to self and all others: always check the cost of shipping and handling before bidding. Above is the cover of the current issue of SkinTwo magazine, probably my favorite. The cover is incredible. and the card below is a sample of some of the events we’d like to go to although this one is from a NYC club.
SMack June 2005

We’re going to go see our insurance agent today. Hopefully we will be able to go and get our camera replaced. I am anxious to get out of here. I am not feeling very well. I have decided to stop drinking pop (again, *sigh*) so we’ll see how it goes. I am very irritable. I noticed that I have gained some more weight. I need to not give up this time. I have too many things I would like to do, kids to raise, wife to love that would be cut short if I continue down my current path. At least the sun has finally emerged.

Oh and remember: Kinky couples are people too!

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